Our way takes us to the enchanting Jordan Valley, where biblical landscapes unfold before our eyes. Amidst the awe-inspiring scenery, we will pause to reflect on the significance of this sacred land.

Continuing our pilgrimage, we arrive at Nazareth, the city where Jesus grew up. Here, we have the choice to visit either the magnificent Church of the Annunciation in the Orthodox or Catholic Church. Within these hallowed walls, we can witness stunning architectural marvels and immerse ourselves in the annals of Christian history.

Next on our itinerary is Tabgha, a serene location blessed with tranquility and spirituality. As we drive along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, we will visit the Church of the Twelve Apostles, a testament to the disciples who walked in the footsteps of Jesus.

Our senses will come alive at the Fish and Bread Church, and the close Mensa Christi church, where the miracle of the loaves and fishes took place. Here, we can connect with the profound symbolism of Jesus' teachings and experience a profound sense of peace. Immersing ourselves further in the spiritual ambiance, we will make our way to Yardenit Baptismal Site, situated along the banks of the sacred River Jordan. This hallowed place offers pilgrims the opportunity to renew their faith and partake in a deeply meaningful baptismal experience.

En route, we will also pass by the picturesque Sea of Galilee, the city of Tiberias, and ancient Byzantine monasteries and churches, bearing witness to the centuries-old devotion of ancient communities.

As we approach the border with the Kingdom of Jordan, the air is filled with a sense of reverence and awe. Here, at the River Jordan, we can reflect on the momentous events that unfolded along its banks and contemplate the significance of this sacred waterway.


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